What the world needs now…

Why doesn’t anybody see the bigger picture?? Don’t they see how the world is one big playground and we are all in high school?? Somebody needs to come from behind and turn this show around! What is the point of winning if so many others are losing? How can we watch a TV show about people who are killed for wanting more (see: Squid Game)? How many people have to die for the plentiful to share enough to make a difference?

The heads of state have been in a pissing contest for centuries? Are ya done yet?

It’s time for us to work together — it will actually work if we do. Truly. There will absolutely be enough for everyone. We inhabit the same planet — in that we are equal. The rest is made up by a few to make the many stay put. We are all complicit.

Mothers raising men to be the destroyers they are. Raising our daughters to roll their eyes at the weaknesses of men but simultaneously teaching them that we are less than that pitiful excuse for a leader of mankind. We have been led into a minefield which a handful of people created, planting mines, big and small, seemingly random but in reality strategically placed.

Now, it’s not surprising that those with power don’t want to really give it back. Not any of it. They want to keep all the cookies and let the crumbs fall where they may. And we are so excited when we get a big greasy crumb that we forget to ask where the rest of that cookie is and, hell, I want my own cookie!

So here’s the thing…if the ones that have it all don’t think they have enough even still, what hope is there that they will share anything at all? So, now we are fundamentally down to our literal humanity. This is who we are. Doesn’t feel so higher mind/super-being much.

But here’s another thing, our real super power is that we are adaptive beings! In this existential game of good versus evil, we can embrace our duality and choose the right thing, the thing that feeds everybody. We need to pull off this completely possible miracle so that no person in this earth wakes up in need of shelter, food, work, and medical care. That will drastically change the dynamic. Some will still want more, but none will know hunger and the desperation that comes with it. And that not-knowing will allow them to make choices that raise them up, and raise the world around them too — no matter how small the circle or how large. This is what the world needs now.



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